Hearing about “Thailand” you might think of amazing dishes, bustling shopping centers, unique culture, exquisite temples or maybe simply Thais’ smiles and kindness. It is true that you can experience them while traveling on your own. But what if you can get through all of them with authentically Thai people! That is why in SIMPIC, we highly recommend this program to you, the “Sightseeing Tour.” In this course, you will uncover the unseen and surprising things which are hidden in many places exclusively chosen by us. You will get a chance to choose the places in provided routes in order to make sure that your trip will definitely fit your desire. Above all, traveling in a half-day tour in Bangkok with your foreign accompanies will surely be the most memorable experience! So, do not miss this “Sightseeing Tour” and see you in SIMPIC2019! We are all waiting to welcome you to Thailand.

Thai village

Have you ever visited a traditional culture night in Thailand? SIMPIC will bring you a Thai traditional village, where you will meet “Chao Baan” (The Villagers) that will lead you to enjoy various Thai activities, foods, games, and performances that you cannot find anywhere else. The theme of our Thai Village is “The Festival Temple Fair” or “Ngan Wat”. You will enjoy with Thai traditional foods, games, and workshops. We’ve selected and prepared famous Thai dishes from north to south, west to east provinces all around. The workshops are such as making “Som Tum”, popular papaya salad from the northeast of Thailand, or playing “Pa Kra Pong”, a traditional country game that kids in the past play in the festival. These examples are only two things from numerous activities that we will provide for you in our “Thai Village” If you want to explore Thai culture and activities, DON’T MISS this event!

Hospital visit

Siriraj hospital stands as the national hospital and medical school for more than 120 years. Siriraj hospital houses famous museums and must-see places which are always visited by a lot of tourists both from Thailand and other countries. You will have an exclusive trip to visit gross anatomy laboratory and Siriraj Training and Education Center for Clinical Skills or SiTEC. In this session, you will have an exclusive opportunity to experience first-hand how medical students study and take part in our workshop to test your clinical skills in various simulations in operation room with function to simulate several conditions of abnormality to robots. Let us give a warm welcome to our hospital, you will be shown around these locations for free of charge by our guides who will kindly provide you with information.

Creative activities

Relax and Have fun! Relax yourself from the competition in the previous day. Enjoy the morning with many activities and games with your friends. Treasure the moment and make it a good memory. See the Diversity! Play games that will make you interact with others. Meet new friends from other countries and enjoy the moment with them. See the beauty of diversity. Cultivate the relationship that you will not be able to get anywhere.